Spellground Festival



12/08/2016 - 15/08/2016
10:00 am


Blvd. Aurel Vlaicu
Aleea Universitatii


Here’s to the real people.
The romantic rockers,
The sensitive rappers,
The corporate groupies,
The stumblebum dancers.
The ones who don’t give a damn
about rules, labels or others’ opinion.
Just ordinary people doing extraordinary things
by simply being who they are.

Here’s to you, free spirits
Fearless, like fire…
Determined, like earth…
Untamed, like wind…
Shapeless, like water…
For whom actions speak louder than words,
And passions are meant to be followed.

You know life is too short to live it fake
And too long to be predictable.
So you are what you want to be,
You listen to the music you like.
You simply act based on your instincts,
Because, at the end of the day, there’s only you with yourself:
a pragmatic doer who still believes that magic exists.
Take care of your experiences and make them unforgettable!
Put a spell on them.


Royksopp, Oscar and The Wolf, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Dennis Ferrer, Amber Run, Andre Hommen, Carla’s Dreams, COMA, Les Elephants Bizarres, Aylin and The Lucky Charms, Loungerie II, Toulouse Lautrec, The Kryptonite Sparks, Pinholes, Flesh Rodeo, Sunet Fin, Duro Disco, Omelette, None of the Above, EIDO

The Kooks, Editors, Chopstick&JohnJon, Doctor Dru, Robin and The Backstabbers, The Mono Jacks, Byron, ROA, Grimus, Pixels, The Speakers, We Singing Colors, Helen, The Bread Pits, Rockabella, Lisier Collectif, Stema, Electric Tuxedo

Biffy Clyro, Soul Clap, WOLF+LAMB, PillowTalk, Nick Monaco, Aquarius Heaven, Life on Planets, Zdob&Zdub, RoadKillSoda, Gojira & Planet H, CTC (DOC, Deliric, Vlad Dobrescu, DJ Nasa), Golan live, S.P.O.C., Otherside, Yelllow, Macanache&The Putreds, Karpov not Kasparov, KASIM live, Maga&Tudoran, Satellites, Sophisticated Lemons, Melting Dice, Luni la Teatru

☆ 3 zile de muzica live, activitati artistice si culturale, distractie si vibe pozitiv
☆ 17 artisti internationali
☆ 44 artisti romani si newcomers
☆ 3 scene: Master Stage, Ground Stage si ElectronicWave Stage

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☼ Spellground Festival ☼ A must-sea festival

Ⓡ Cine spune ca in Romania vin in concert doar trupele pe final de cariera? Sau ca la festival te duci pentru concerte si atat? Si cine spune ca trebuie sa mergi in alta tara daca vrei sa vezi un festival “adevarat”?

Este timpul ca aceste pareri se se schimbe. Este timpul pentru#Spellground!

Un taram care va prinde viata anul acesta, timp de 3 zile, pentru a uni cele patru mari elemente, Pamantul, Soarele, Apa si Aerul cu un al cincilea – Vibe-ul vostru.

Muzica live, arta, ateliere, super mancare si multe WOW-uri in fata celor 3 scene Spellground, toate acestea pe malul Marii Negre, din Constanta pana in Navodari.

Vino sa vezi trupele pe care le stii si le iubesti si poate o sa te indragostesti si de altele noi! This summer we #WillPutASpellOnYou

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

Ⓔ Who says that only bands at the end of their careers come to play in Romania? Or that the live concerts are the only reasons you go to festivals? And who says that if you want to have an amazing festival experience you should go see one abroad?

It’s time for all this to change. It’s time for #Spellground!

A land coming to life this year for 72 unforgettable hours to mix the four main elements, Earth, Sun, Wind and Water with a 5th one: Your Good Vibe.

Live music, art performances, workshops, great food and lots of WOWs in front of the 3 Spellground concert stages, everything with an amazing view.

Come see the bands you know and love and maybe you will fall in love with new ones. This summer we #WillPutASpellOnYou

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