Vita de Vie @ 20 de ani

Proiect : Vita de Vie 20 de ani
Locatie : Arenele Romane
Producator Tehnic: Catalin Davidescu / Dark Side Entertainment
Concept Tehnic Eveniment : Catalin Davidescu / Dark Side Entertainment
Booking si Management Artistic : Catalin Davidescu si Alin Voica / Dark Side Entertainment
Light Designer : Alin Popa / Lights and Magic
Sound Engineer : Stefan “Veganu” Panea & Vlad Marinescu
Video Concept & Live Streaming : Dark Side Entertainment & Maxmedia Production
Photo Credit : Voicu Paul / Live Pictures
PR : Cristina Hurdubaia / Hurdis PR & Cezara Morosanu / Dark Side Entertainment
Head of Financial : Alina Tifoi / Dark Side Entertainment
Dj Hefe II Arashai II Front Band II Anemic Disco II Relative II Vita de Vie
Echipamente folosite :
Lights :
18x Martin Mac 700 Spot ,18x Martin Mac 600 Wash, 24x Clay Paky Sharpy Beam, 9x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe , 6x 4 Lite Blinders, 20x 4 Lite Linear Blinders, 5x 2KW ADB, 4x 6 Bar Par 64 MFL , 1x Robe Hazer Machine, 1x Grand MA 2 on PC with 2 fader wings + 1 Command wing + 2 x 19″ Touch Screens
10 x JBL VERTEC 4889 , 2x JBL VERTEC 4888 front fill, 12x JBL VERTEC 4880 SUBS
All the PA Amps are CROWN ITEC 4000 & 6000. We also use BSS FDS – 366 T Omni Drive Compact Plus, Processors.
Side Fill:
2 x [ 4 x Rankus Heinz 1x 118 SUB + Lab Grouppen Amps + R-H Synco
4 x JBL VERTEC 4888
Drum Fill:
2x D&B C4 Subs – All Drived by D&B 1200 Series Amps, 2x JBL VRX 915 M 15″x 3″ Monitors – Amplified by Lab Grouppen FP 10000 Q Amps
12 x JBL VRX 915 M 15”x 3” Monitors Amplified by Lab Grouppen FP 10000 Q Amps
1x Soundcraft SI Compact 32 Sound Console
A large variety of SHURE Microphones wired and wireless.
1 x Avid DigiDesign Venue
Backline Opening Acts:
1x Marschall JCM 2000 Guitar Head
1x Marschall JCM 900 Guitar Head
2x Marschall 1960 Cabinets Straight
1x Ampeg SVT Head
1x Ampeg 8×10″ Cabinet
1x Pearl Vision Drum Set Standard contained by:
2x 22” Kick Drums
1x 14”x 5” Metal Snare
1x 10” Tom
1x 12” Tom
1x 13” Tom
1x 14” Floor Tom
1x 16” Floor Tom
1x Snare Stand
1x Hi-Hat Stand
7x Cymbal Boom Stands
1x Drum Chair
2x Kick Pedal
1x Sabian B8 Pro Cymbal Set
SFX Equipment :
10 x Magic FX Power Drop System
Led Screen:
70 x Eastar Smart Series P6, pixel pitch 6mm
FOH Video System :
1 x camera hd zip-line fs7 w acc.
1 x zip line – trolley, rigging assembly, 3 axis camera stabiliser, wireless video and control transmitter/receiver, 2 remote control, 1 hd monitor
2 x camera hd fs7 w acc.
1 x camera robot +acccesories
1 x mediaserver playout 4 outputs hd,5 inputs hd resolume mediaserver software
1 x regie mix video hd – mixer, monitor + vectroscop, spliter sdi 1 x 5, multiviewer+monitor, 3 output, sdi – hdmi convertor, 8×8 hd-sdi matrix, hd-pgm recorder
2 x videoproiector laser hd
1 x interactiv video system
1 x hd-pgm recorder